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A quote from Barry in Wirral:
I remind you that I live in a bungalow at the bottom of a hill and surrounded by tall trees, and the pictures are the best I have ever had.
I enclose a picture of Noaa15 at 0918 on the 7th of August just one of many excellent results


From Frank Garrett in Chichester
QFH installed on 70 foot tower with 125 feet of satellite cable and no preamp.

I have tried the setup with and without a preamp and find the latter the best, with a preamp the ALC is overloading on the RX2 and I get severe pager interference on Channel 5 (137.850) without the preamp the signals are more than adequate and no pager problems. 

Duncan in Sunny Ilfracombe on the N Devon coast, England

Well Paul , What more can I say , I received the QFH yesterday morning and got to work putting it on my mast  with the preamp inline , The antenna outperforms the turnstile by miles the pics are faultless and I get uninterrupted passes from horizon to horizon

The antenna is on a 45ft mast with timestep preamp

The New NOAA-17 11:07 GMT 25th June 2002 (Day after launch))
Note this image shows very slight pager breakthrough at the top of image see below for Duncan's comments

I have stopped the slight pager interference by moving the mast over the garden 20ft or so.
Image below after moving QFH

Image below kindly sent to me for inclusion by Pauli Nunez from Spain 
Check out Pauli's web site click here


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