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.....Local weather conditions at 15/5/23... 1:30am using Davis Vantage Vue and Virtual weather station V15.00...Temperature=9.3C ...Temperature high=9.4C at 12:00am ... Windspeed high= 16kph at 1:27am ...Temperature low=9.2C at 12:50am ...Barometer=1019.2mb and Rising ...Barometer high=1019.3mb at 1:16am ...Barometer low=1018.9mb at 12:46am ...Cloud base ---km ... Rain today 0.0 mm ...Forecast Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precip possible within 24 to 48 hrs... Sunrise 5:08am... Sunset 9:02pm... Moonrise 3:55am... Moonset 3:49pm.....

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Welcome to my web site! Make yourself comfy and I will go and brew up, One lump or two?
What I have attempted to do is provide a interesting and informative site to allow me to pass on any experiences I have encountered whilst pursuing my hobbies, concentrating mainly on Geostationary and Low Earth Orbiting weather Satellites and various receiving systems.

Please feel free to use any information that may be of interest 

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QFH diy Guide Can now be downloaded in PDF and Word Doc Thanks to Angus Anderson, Kenneth Jones And now thanks to Pauli Nunez a Spanish version for further details CLICK HERE

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JVCOMM32 version 1.40 pre with RTTY/SYNOP/NAVTEX reception available

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NOAA NESDIS These are the people we should Thank!

David Taylor's SatSignal, now includes Gridding, Outlines and more!!!!

wxtoimg APT and WEFAX Weather Satellite Decoding for Linux/UNIX/Windows/BeOS/DOS

WXsat 2.59e updated Nov 1999   

NOW READY go to Marius Rensen home page, 

Thanks to Christian Bock for a excellent program.

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Settings  Updated Saturday 5th February 2000 

 My attempt with WXsat 2.5 and RX2 receiver

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