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This Page is will be used to store various items for now that I can't think of a appropriate name

I purchased my Geostationary system before the new RIG active feed and downconverter and now Patch were developed, My system is a 1 metre dish with coffee can feed, Martelec two channel Downconverter, RX2, LC interface.

The PROsat software has automatic channel select but this was really intended for the full timestep system, One of the great things about PROsat amongst many is the ability to do multiple animations including both channel 1 and 2 but with my system I was required to manually switch channels on the downconverter at the times shown on the dissemination schedule, I pondered for awhile (William Wordsworth) and considered using the software to automatically switch my Martelec.

After consulting with Dave Cawley I have recently made a simple switching circuit which will allow me to automatically switch my Martelec downconverter between Channel 1 and 2 using PROsat software, it also includes a manual override switch.

I can now load the configuration and just leave everything on Auto saving all the polars and at the same time building up animation of both D2 CH1 and DTOT CH2 and with Auto schedule saving all the other CH2 images relayed from the other Geostats.

I can't see any reason why this technique cannot be used with other downconverters but I can't guarantee anything or offer any backup.

I know it may be obvious to some but perhaps it may be useful to others so please no more flaming you know it hurts you more than me!

Please click here if you want a copy of the circuit Thanks to Jim for using the CAD package to tart it up a bit

For those of you that have the new downconverter 99.00 would you believe, I remember when you would pay over 200.00 for one! I have designed a circuit that may be of use to you, If you have the new downconverter and the LC interface then this circuit should work for you and allow software switching from Ch 1 to CH2.

I have zipped 3 images up for one download these include 2 pictures and the circuit diagram. 151KB

For details Click Here, Thanks to Neal Hayes for the artwork

This bit below is nothing to do with the circuit but just a temp location, But anybody making the QFH may find these pictures useful, I do intend incorporating them into the guide

Short 22mm pipe etc

Reducer etc

End lift