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Favourite Links

Excellent images:

Kevin Bates: Weather images, Digital images and some interesting links.UK

Patrick Prokop: WTOC-TV. I just checked this site out and for once I am stuck for words, you have just got take a look, the images are outstanding, images from the USA

Milan Konecny: Try it you won't be disappointed. images from Canada

Weather and Sundry:

10 Day weather forecast Hosted UK

Official organizations:

NOAA NESDIS: See how the professionals do it, and Thanks for making all this possible! 

NOAA Education: I don't think they need an introduction, miss this and stay ignorant, Fantastic site

Dundee University: Another great site, free subscription

Remote Imaging Group

Group for Earth Observation

Timestep: Suppliers of excellent weather satellite receiving equipment.

Computer Bits etc

Northern Computer markets: Best thing since Fish & Chips Worth a gander for latest prices etc.

Useful Software: in some cases also images.

Marius Rensen: Very informative, with plenty excellent software links, completely updated now includes a excellent beginners guide

Julian Moss: Keep an eye on this one Satmon II now released. RX2 control interface and some nice piccies of the English Lakes and St Helena and of course some good weather images.

David Taylor: SatSignal satellite wave file decoder (very good), also Tracking software, take a peek everything is freeware, Still Freeware with the option to Register for added goodies.

Les Hamilton: Tracking software and Palette program for colour enhancing your wx images.

Useful utilities:

Treesize pro: when installed works from the right click menu and allows quick and easy way to see the size of all subdirectories on your hard drives.

About time: A careware program, makes setting your computer clock whilst online a doddle, interesting principle careware!

Other Sources of information and and software:

 Ham Radio on the net: More than you will ever need for Amateur Radio ETC

Ofcom Office of Communications 

Weathernet: Shortwave radio every morning from about 07:30 to 08:30 on LSB 3.786 MHZ includes interesting discussions, SSTV and more.

For anybody interested in SSTV etc contact George newport

Game Cheats and patches:

Game Patches:

Start Here For PSX, N64, PC and much more

Now for something quite different: as Monty python might say

Manchester united: If they need a introduction then perhaps this is not for you.

More links to come in the near future!