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.....Local weather conditions at 7/4/16... 2:10pm using Davis Vantage Vue and Virtual weather station V15.00...Temperature=9.2C ...Temperature high=9.8C at 12:42pm ... Windspeed high= 31kph at 1:32pm ...Temperature low=3.9C at 2:06am ...Barometer=1007.7mb and Rising ...Barometer high=1007.8mb at 1:56pm ...Barometer low=1001.8mb at 12:50am ...Cloud base 1.7km ... Rain today 5.6 mm ...Forecast Mostly cloudy and cooler. Windy with possible wind shift to the W NW or N... Sunrise 6:25am... Sunset 7:54pm... Moonrise 6:42am... Moonset 8:07pm.....

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Weather Underground PWS IMANCHES1

Just found this old Weather Satellite image competition page from 5 September 1999 Enjoy :)

Sadly it's looking like I lost all the competition pages after web host closed and a hard drive crash, but I will keep checking through my backups.


Paul Hayes: Using PHQFH, no preamp, 40 feet above ground level, 17 metre RG059, Proscan receiver, in a valley 2 mile north of Manchester city centre. image as received except for resize and compression
Peter Tanner: 2M 5 element yagi horizontal polarity roof mounted, 15 metre RG58,  Receiver RIG/Dartcom homebrew,  home modified tracking equipment, no Preamp, Weston-super-mare 
Tristan Bacon: Turnstile 15 feet from ground level, 20 feet RG8, no preamp, AOR8000, large hill to the north, 70 foot block of flats to west only 20 foot from house, clear line of sight south, house roof east
David Taylor: Turnstile, clear of house roof, no preamp,15 metre RG213/U
receiver: RIG RX2, specially modified for lower sensitivity versus much
better pager intermod freedom....Edinburgh
Kevin Bates: Paul Hayes QFH in the loft, RG58 cable to Timestep PROscan
receiver. Derby
Alan Jarvis: Home-built copper tube QFH mounted inside roof space.  10 metres above sea level, Timestep preamp,  Approx. 10 metres of CT100, PROscan Receiver. Cardiff
Peter Harrison: Turnstile (roof mounted) no preamp, cable unknown, RX2. Leicestershire.
Dave Remnant: Turnstile (loft),preamp, PROscan receiver.
Angus McGugan: Turnstile 30 feet above ground, Dartcom receiver, go on I have a guess Scotland?
Les Hamilton: PROscan/PROsat-i/Woodhouse Comms Turnstile combination; Les Hamilton: RX2 QFH antenna (homebrew, Edinburgh
Dave Cawley: Paul Hayes QFH, 0.5dB noise figure  20dB preamplifier, 20M CT100, PROscan receiver, Newmarket
Anthony Coldman: Turnstile(16ft pole on chimney)  Preamp, 15metre RG58, RX2 Receiver, Watford, Hertfordshire
Paul Telco: Homemade QFH Aerial, Scanmaster SP-55 preamp, 20metre RG58, Icom PC-R1000,  Hatfield, Herts
Ian Busby: Paul Hayes QFH in the garden, 2 Meters RG58 cable to  PROscan receiver, No Pre Amp, Recorded onto Mini Disc, Leicestershire
David Gilmore: Discone antenna, 20 metre RG058, RX2 receiver, Glengormley about 6 miles nw of Belfast N.Ireland, The pic is untouched in any way


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